•  Title: Researching French Law trans
Author:  Stéphane Cottin, Jérôme Rabenou
Published in:  GlobaLex
Year:  2009
  •  Title: Portail du droit français trans
Source:  droit.org
  •  Title: Quick Guide: France trans
Published in:  Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
  •  Title: France trans
Author:  Paul Norman, Gerry Power
Published in:  Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
Year:  2007
  •  Title: Pages personnelles d'Informations Juridiques trans
Author:  Jérôme Rabenou
  •  Title: La France et l'Europe trans
Description:  A website about France and Europe has been created at the Institute of Political Science in Grenoble, by two Professors of Public Law: Henri Oberdorff and Florence Chaltiel. You can find free access chapters, which deal about History, French Republic, Law, Economy, Documentation and Politics.
  •  Title: Lextenso.com trans
  •  Title: Glose trans
  •  Title: French Law on the Internet - The Basics and Free Resources trans
Author:  Emmanuel Barthe; GlobaLex
  •  Title: Bibliographie d'histoires du droit en langue Francaise trans