•  Title: Transnational Law Digest and Bibliography trans
  •  Title: A guide on the harmonization of international commercial law trans
Author:  Duncan Alford
Published in:  GlobaLex
Year:  2009
  •  Title: International Commercial Arbitration: Locating the Resources trans
Author:  Jean M. Wenger, LLRX
Description:  LLRX.com is the premier free, independent, one person produced Web journal dedicated to providing legal, library, IT/IS, marketing and administrative professionals with the most up-to-date information on a wide range of Internet research and technology-related issues, applications, resources and tools.
  •  Title: How to break into arbitration trans
Author:  Mark Kantor
Year:  2010
Description:  useful resources for students and young practitioners
  •  Title: Europees Justitieel Netwerk in burgerlijke en handelszaken trans
  •  Title: Autoriteit Financiële Markten trans
  •  Title: CLOUT-case law on Uncitral texts trans
Author:  United Nations Commission on International Trade Law
Description:  The UNCITRAL Secretariat has established a system for collecting and disseminating information on court decisions and arbitral awards relating to the Conventions and Model Laws that have emanated from the work of the Commission
  •  Title: Dutch Securities Institute trans
  •  Title: International Commercial Arbitration. ASIL guide to electronic resources trans
Description:  The mission of the American Society of International Law is to foster the study of international law and to promote the establishment and maintenance of international relations on the basis of law and justice.
  •  Title: Working Papers Financial Law Institute (University Gent) trans
  •  Title: Lex mercatoria: international trade/commercial law monitor trans
Description:  This site is dedicated to the provision of information on international commercial law with subsidiary interests in commerce and (mostly open standard) Net and information technologies that may be of interest to law academics and professionals worldwide.
  •  Title: Trans-Lex trans
Author:  The Center for Transnational Law (CENTRAL) at Cologne University, Germany
Abstract:  "TransLex.org" is a online research- and codification-platform for transnational commercial law. CENTRALÂ’s research activities are devoted to the law and practice of transnational business law, to the new Lex Mercatoria and to international dispute resolution.
  •  Title: Securities Law (USA) trans
Description:  This Web Site is designed to provide information to the Internet community regarding the law as it relates to the United States financial markets, and those who participate in those markets - stock brokers and investors. This site was created to assist investors and financial professionals in understanding their rights, duties and obligations, to each other, and to the markets, under the laws of the most highly regulated industry in the country.
  •  Title: Juris International : database on international trade law trans
  •  Title: A Compendium of Electronic Commerce Resources trans
Description:  This site provides links to resources in the Electronic Commerce field. It covers the spectrum from theoretical journals and papers, to the software required to run a web site to resources for determining the ownership of digital rights.
  •  Title: International Commercial Arbitration trans
Author:  L.Louis-Jacques, University of Chicago Law School
  •  Title: CISG online trans
  •  Title: International commercial arbitration links trans
Author:  R.Happ, Hamburg
  •  Title: Guide to International Trade Law Resources on the Internet trans
Author:  Marci Hoffman
  •  Title: Selection of internet resources International Trade Law trans
Author:  T.M.C. Asser Instituut
  •  Title: German Business and Commercial Laws: Guide to Translations into English and Select Auxiliary Sources trans
Author:  Martina Kammer, Anne Scharrenberg; GlobaLex
  •  Title: A Guide to MERCOSUR Legal Research: Sources and Documents trans
Author:  Edgardo Rotman, GlobaLex
  •  Title: CISG Database trans
Author:  Pace University School of Law Institute of International Commercial Law