•   Titel: Country Reports on Human Rights Practices (US Department of State) trans
  •   Titel: Database on research and information on children's rights trans
Auteur:  Childwatch International
  •   Titel: ECHR Blog trans
Auteur:  Antoine Buyse
Beschrijving:  Blog on the European Convention on Human Rights.
  •   Titel: Genocide: Resources for Teaching and Research trans
  •   Titel: Guatemalan Historical Clarification Commission (CEH) Report trans
  •   Titel: Guide to Country Research for Refugee Status Determination trans
Auteur:  Elisa, Mason, LLRX
  •   Titel: Guide to International Refugee Law Resources on the Web trans
Auteur:  Elisa Mason
Bron:  LLRX.com
Beschrijving:  This guide directs readers to some of the key texts and resources available on the Web that can help shed light on, and provide a context for, many of the issues currently being deliberated in the refugee law arena.
  •   Titel: HUDOC - European Court of Human Rights trans
  •   Titel: Human Rights in Foreign Policy - Reports (Foreign & Commonwealth Office) trans
  •   Titel: International Labour Sandards & Human Rights trans
Auteur:  International Labour Organization (ILO)
  •   Titel: International research project on same-sex unions in europe trans
  •   Titel: IVW, International Victimology Website trans
  •   Titel: La documentation sur Internet en matière de droits de l'homme trans
  •   Titel: MAKING THE MOUNTAIN MOVE: An Activist's Guide to How International Human Rights Mechanisms Can Work for You trans
  •   Titel: MIRIS - Minority Right Information System trans
Beschrijving:  Database of legal texts relating to minority groups in European countries.
  •   Titel: NRC-Handelsblad Profiel: De rechten van de mens trans
  •   Titel: Project THRO: Teaching Human Rights On-Line trans
  •   Titel: Refugees International trans
  •   Titel: Researching Indigenous Peoples Rights under International Law trans
  •   Titel: States of Emergency Database trans
Auteur:  Queens University Belfast
  •   Titel: The European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI) trans
Samenvatting:  ECMI advances majority-minority relations in the wider Europe through action, research and documentation.
  •   Titel: The Protection Project (women & children) trans
  •   Titel: The Torture Reporting Handbook trans
  •   Titel: The United Nations and the Status of Women trans
  •   Titel: The UN Secretary-General's Database on Violence Against Women trans
Auteur:  United Nations Division for the Advancement of Women
Beschrijving:  This web-based database was launched in March of 2009, and is the result of a resolution adopted by the UN Secretary-General to eliminate all types of violence against women.
  •   Titel: Turkish Human Rights Internet Site trans
Auteur:  Queen's University Belfast
  •   Titel: UN HUMAN RIGHTS DOCUMENTATION, A Guide to Country-Specific Research trans
  •   Titel: United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women trans
  •   Titel: Women\'s Law Initiative trans
  •   Titel: WomenWatch trans
Auteur:  United Nations