•  Title: The European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI) trans
Abstract:  ECMI advances majority-minority relations in the wider Europe through action, research and documentation.
  •  Title: ECHR Blog trans
Author:  Antoine Buyse
Description:  Blog on the European Convention on Human Rights.
  •  Title: The UN Secretary-General's Database on Violence Against Women trans
Author:  United Nations Division for the Advancement of Women
Description:  This web-based database was launched in March of 2009, and is the result of a resolution adopted by the UN Secretary-General to eliminate all types of violence against women.
  •  Title: MAKING THE MOUNTAIN MOVE: An Activist's Guide to How International Human Rights Mechanisms Can Work for You trans
  •  Title: HUDOC - European Court of Human Rights trans
  •  Title: Database on research and information on children's rights trans
Author:  Childwatch International
  •  Title: International Labour Sandards & Human Rights trans
Author:  International Labour Organization (ILO)
  •  Title: Genocide: Resources for Teaching and Research trans
  •  Title: Human Rights in Foreign Policy - Reports (Foreign & Commonwealth Office) trans
  •  Title: Guide to International Refugee Law Resources on the Web trans
Author:  Elisa Mason
Source:  LLRX.com
Description:  This guide directs readers to some of the key texts and resources available on the Web that can help shed light on, and provide a context for, many of the issues currently being deliberated in the refugee law arena.
  •  Title: NRC-Handelsblad Profiel: De rechten van de mens trans
  •  Title: Project THRO: Teaching Human Rights On-Line trans
  •  Title: WomenWatch trans
Author:  United Nations
  •  Title: MIRIS - Minority Right Information System trans
Description:  Database of legal texts relating to minority groups in European countries.
  •  Title: Turkish Human Rights Internet Site trans
Author:  Queen's University Belfast
  •  Title: Women\'s Law Initiative trans
Description:  This information Web site, established and maintained by the Women\\\'s Law Initiative (WLI), is an online resource that provides legal information to women and girls living with or escaping domestic violence.
  •  Title: La documentation sur Internet en matière de droits de l'homme trans
  •  Title: International research project on same-sex unions in europe trans
  •  Title: States of Emergency Database trans
Author:  Queens University Belfast
  •  Title: The Protection Project (women & children) trans
  •  Title: Refugees International trans
  •  Title: The Torture Reporting Handbook trans
  •  Title: UN HUMAN RIGHTS DOCUMENTATION, A Guide to Country-Specific Research trans
  •  Title: IVW, International Victimology Website trans
  •  Title: Guide to Country Research for Refugee Status Determination trans
Author:  Elisa, Mason, LLRX
  •  Title: Researching Indigenous Peoples Rights under International Law trans
  •  Title: Country Reports on Human Rights Practices (US Department of State) trans
  •  Title: United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women trans
  •  Title: The United Nations and the Status of Women trans
  •  Title: Guatemalan Historical Clarification Commission (CEH) Report trans