•  Title: International Human Rights Research Guide trans
Author:  Grace M. Mills; GlobaLex
  •  Title: University of Texas Libraries: The Human Rights Documentation Initiative trans
Abstract:  The HRDI website highlights the following types of materials: 1. UT Collections: Primary source, archival materials related to human rights. 2. Archived Web Resources: Websites, reports, audio, video, photographs on human rights struggles that are produced by individuals or small organizations who lack resources and opportunities for widespread distribution of their work. 3. Audiovisual documentation (limited access): Fragile, born-digital, audiovisual documentation of human rights violations acquired through partnerships with human rights organizations worldwide (see About the HRDI, access to these materials is currently limited due to the sensitive nature of the information).
  •  Title: JURISTAS trans
Abstract:  JURISTAS provides country specific case studies of litigation at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg. Case studies include Austria, Bulgaria, France , Germany, Greece, Romania, and Turkey. The reports detail litigation by subject and domestic enforcement of ECHR judgments
  •  Title: Project Diana - Human Rights Cases trans
Author:  Lillian Goldman Law Library (Yale Law School)
  •  Title: The European Human Rights System trans
Author:  James W. Hart
Published in:  GlobaLex
Year:  2011
  •  Title: Derechos Human Rights trans
  •  Title: ASIL Guide to Electronic Resources for International Law; Human Rights trans
  •  Title: Bibliography for Research on International Human Rights Law trans
  •  Title: Canada-U.S. Human Rights Information and Documentation Network trans
  •  Title: Human & Constitutional Rights Resource Page at Columbia University trans
  •  Title: Human Rights Internet (HRI) trans
  •  Title: The Human Rights Web Home Page trans
  •  Title: Human Rights Links trans
Author:  Derechos Human Rights
  •  Title: University of Minnesota Human Rights Library trans
  •  Title: Human Rights Law trans
Author:  Derechos
  •  Title: EISIL - Electronic Information System for International Law trans
Description:  TThe Electronic Information System for International Law (EISIL) database is a collaborative project created by The American Society of International Law with the support of the Mellon Foundation. On the home page of EISIL you can browse through outlines of each subject category. They contain links to primary documents, recommended web sites, and research guides, as well as other added information.