•  Title: Comparative Law trans
Author:  Paul Norman; GlobaLex
  •  Title: Comparative Civil Procedure: A Guide to Primary and Secondary Sources trans
Author:  Radu D. Popa & Mirela Roznovschi
Source:  GlobaLex
Published in:  GlobaLex
Year:  2011
  •  Title: JuriGlobe trans
Author:  Faculty of Law of the University of Ottawa
Abstract:  JuriGlobe is a research group formed by professors from the Faculty of Law of the University of Ottawa, which focuses on the development of a multilingual information databank, containing general information relating to the different legal systems in the world, to the different official languages and to some of the most important international commercial conventions, as well as other multilateral commercial tools.
  •  Title: Institute for Transnational Law, Foreign Law Translations trans
  •  Title: International Comparative Legal Guide Series (ICLG) trans
Abstract:  Multi-jurisdictional, country-by-country, foreign law surveys. The number of jurisdictions covered vary per research topic (between 16 and 57 jurisdictions).
  •  Title: European and Comparative Private Law Page trans
Source:  Universitat de Girona
  •  Title: International and Comparative Law Course Pages trans
Author:  JURIST: The Legal Education Network
  •  Title: German Law Archive trans
  •  Title: Foreign Law: Legal Research Resources on the Internet trans
Author:  Lyonette Louis-Jacques, D'Angelo Law Library, University of Chicago Law School
Description:  A Table of Contents tops the list with sections bookmarked further down on the page. The TofC starts with Foreign Law: Comparative Guides/Multiple Country Resources focusing on children and continues to cover individual countries from Argentina to the United Kingdom.
  •  Title: Comperative Civil Procedure trans
Author:  New York University School of Law
  •  Title: Comparative & Foreign Law Resource Center trans
Author:  LLRX
  •  Title: Gesetze im Internet: Translations trans
Author:  Bundesministerium der Justiz
  •  Title: FLARE Project trans
  •  Title: Legal Pages of Matthias E. Storme trans
Author:  Matthias E. Storme
  •  Title: Towards Cooperation in Access to Foreign Primary Law trans
Author:  Grossman, Andrew, LLRX