•   Titel: Australasian Legal Information Institute trans
Auteur:  AustLII
  •   Titel: Bora Laskin Law Library: Researching International Law trans
  •   Titel: Brooklyn Law School Library - Introduction to International Law Research trans
  •   Titel: Columbia International Affairs Online trans
  •   Titel: Conducting research in public international law trans
Auteur:  Universiteit Utrecht
  •   Titel: Cornell Law Library: international resources trans
  •   Titel: Diplomatic History Links trans
  •   Titel: EISIL - Electronic Information System for International Law trans
  •   Titel: FindLaw: International Law trans
  •   Titel: FindLaw International Law Journals trans
  •   Titel: Focal Points - International Law trans
Auteur:  Emory University School of Law
  •   Titel: Foreign and International Law trans
Auteur:  Washburn University School of Law Library
  •   Titel: Foreign and International Law from the Willamette University College of Law Library trans
  •   Titel: GODORT International Documents Task Force Homepage trans
  •   Titel: Guide to Foreign and International Legal Databases trans
Auteur:  New York University School of Law
  •   Titel: Guide to Researching the Council of Europe trans
Auteur:  Burnett, Anne, LLRX
  •   Titel: Hieros Gamos II International Law trans
  •   Titel: IAN - International Affairs Network trans
Beschrijving:  The IACNet is a comprehensive database of organizations and experts in international affairs. Its contents can be searched by organizational name, location, subject, type, and resource offerings In addition, this service provides a limited-area, full text web search of the sites maintained in the directory.
  •   Titel: IGOs : International Inter-governmental Organizations trans
  •   Titel: Indian Students Association trans
  •   Titel: International Affairs Resources trans
Auteur:  WWW Virtual Library
  •   Titel: International and Foreign Law Research trans
Auteur:  Georgetown Law Library
  •   Titel: International and Transnational Law trans
Auteur:  Globelaw
  •   Titel: International Law Library trans
Auteur:  Australasian Legal Information Institute
Beschrijving:  The International Law Library contains over 80,000 searchable documents for free access. This includes over 25,000 decisions of International Courts and Tribunals, over 30,000 treaties and international agreements (including the League of Nations and UN Treaty Series), international law journals and law reform materials. These materials cannot be jointly searched elsewhere on the Internet. AustLII’s LawCite citator tracks where international cases, treaties and law journal articles have been cited. International Law Library databases are updated regularly with new materials coming in to AustLII and other legal information institutes around the world that collaborate with AustLII. The Library also assists users to find international law materials on websites elsewhere on the Internet.
  •   Titel: International Legal Research trans
Auteur:  University of Colorado Law Library
  •   Titel: International Research trans
Auteur:  Boston University School of Law
  •   Titel: Introduction to Public International Law Research trans
Auteur:  Vicenç Feliú
Gepubliceerd in:  GlobaLex
Jaar:  2010
  •   Titel: Intute: Internatinal Law trans
  •   Titel: Keeping Current with International Law Developments via the Web trans
Auteur:  Jill Watson, LLRX
  •   Titel: Key Resources on the Internet for International Law Research trans
Auteur:  Canadian Council on International Law
  •   Titel: Law / the WWW Virtual Library trans
  •   Titel: Legal Research on International Law Issues Using the Internet trans
  •   Titel: New England School of Law: New England Journal of International and Comparative Law Annual trans
Beschrijving:  NEJICL publishes two issues a year and is available in print as well as on LexisNexis and Westlaw. NEJICL is proud to publish articles that address a wide range of issues affecting the global community through analysis of international law and through comparative analysis.
  •   Titel: NYU School of Law, Journal of International Law and Politics trans
Beschrijving:  the New York University Journal of International Law and Politics (JILP) features articles on international legal topics by leading scholars and practitioners, as well as notes, case comments, and book annotations written by Journal members. JILP readers include students, scholars, practitioners, and policymakers in more than sixty countries around the world.
  •   Titel: Public International Law trans
  •   Titel: Public International Law trans
Auteur:  T.M.C. Asser Institute
  •   Titel: Répertoire PSI - Paix et Sécurité Internationales trans
  •   Titel: Researching Customary International Law, State Practice and the Pronouncements of States regarding International Law trans
Auteur:  Silke Sahl; GlobaLex
  •   Titel: Resource Guide for the Social Sciences trans
  •   Titel: Selected Internet Resources in Comparative and International Law and Human Rights trans
Auteur:  Saint Louis University School of Law
  •   Titel: The International Relations Research Archive trans
  •   Titel: THOMAS: legislative information from the Library of Congress trans
  •   Titel: UMich Documents Center trans
  •   Titel: UNBISnet - UN Bibliographic Information System trans
  •   Titel: UN Documentation Research Guide: International Law trans
  •   Titel: U.S. House of Representatives Internet Law Library trans