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  •  Title: Anticiperende zelfverdediging, preventieve militaire aktie en de Bush-doctrine Noodzakelijk kwaad of heilloze geweldsspiraal trans
Author:  de Hoogh, A.J.J.; Molier, G.
Source:  Rijksuniveristeit Groningen
Description:  Gepubliceerd in: Vrede en Veiligheid 34 (2005) 1 p. 11-37
  •  Title: The Security Council¬ís Targeted Sanctions Regimes: In Need of Better Protection of the Individual trans
Author:  Herik, L.J. van den
Source:  Universiteit Leiden
Description:  Leiden Journal of International Law, (2007), no. 20, pp. 797-807 - This contribution examines the problem of review of targeted sanctions imposed by the Security Council in the light of recent developments occurring in the EUcontext. Some recent judgments of the European Court of First Instance of the European Communities (CFI) are analysed, as rendered in the cases of Yusuf and Kadi and also in the more recent cases of the Mujaheddeen and Sison. These last two judgments show that flaws in the targeted sanctions regimes exist not only atUNlevel. The CFI also does not substantively review the listing when this listing is carried out by the Council of the EU. An examination of the progress made at UN level to address procedural flaws shows that, more than anything else, the real stumblingblock is the lack of a substantive review of intelligence information by an independent and impartial organ. The only conclusion that can be drawn from this is that we are on the way towards a better de-listing procedure, but are not there yet.
  •  Title: United in Translation trans
Author:  Berend Vis
Source:  Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Abstract:  Vertaling naar het Engels van Nederlandse wetgeving Verkenning van mogelijkheden